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Creating a paper rainbow challenge was set!

A few months ago I saw an Instagram story from one of my favourite wedding photographers Photography by Vicki that I follow. She was looking for suppliers interested in collaborating on a future photo shoot. I instantly replied seeing if I could supply some of my paper flowers…and she said YES! (Que happy dance around the room!

“Think rainbows, flowers, glitter, nothing conventional, everything alternative!’’

The brief was set,  it was to be a ‘Festival themed Non Bridal, Bridal shoot. Think rainbows, flowers, glitter, nothing conventional, everything alternative!’’

Feeling excited and motivated I set to collecting ideas and headed over to my Pinterest boards to look up some rainbow delights and real bouquets that I had previously pinned to inspire me.


Full of ideas for the flowers I wanted to create I went through my crepe paper selection and found that I had the perfect colours to bring my paper rainbow ideas to life. A doodle in my sketchbook later and I was ready to begin making…


For this bouquet I really wanted to make it bright, playful and bold and to showcase my new paper peony design (that I think I’ve finally mastered)

First I created three dark pink peonies with orange centers (so happy with how they turned out) then I worked on a different flower shape I had in mind, a cross between a gerbera and a zinnia in purple and yellow.

Then I began to create the yellow and orange roses…

With the loose flowers filling a vase in front of me it was such a great feeling seeing what you have in your mind come to life!


It was now time to add some blue accents and I wanted something tall and slim to add shape and definition to the bouquet, so I began to create bright blue lisianthus style flowers with pale green foliage.

There was something missing so lots of back and forth to the mirror to look at the flowers together from different angles, with rolls of crepe paper not yet used in hand…PINK! It needed more PINK! So three more paler pink peonies later things were working better.

Going through the colours of the rainbow I realised I hadn’t yet used RED. I didn’t want red to be a main feature so decided to created little berry/bud like shapes to use in between the gaps of the flowers and to add a new shape and detail within the design.

On to the foliage a mix of light and dark green and now everything really was really coming together!

With the bouquet arranged and taped up and looking pretty special…on to the flower crown.



I wanted the flower crown to be a real statement piece. It was to match the bouquet so I focused on the two pinks of the peonies and the orange rose. Working with dark green leaves to provide shaping around the rest of the head and to finish the crown of flowers.


I decided that to complete the look for the photo shoot, (should there be multiple models) I would create a small posy of matching flowers. This would be ideal for a bridesmaid or flower girl, even for bride on a budget that still wants to make an impact with her flowers. To complete the collection I then created a matching buttonhole for the groom using the pink peonies and orange rose.



I have a real thing for bouquets with long flowing ribbons at the moment (having used my own dyed ribbons on a previous pink bouquet and loving how they moved in the breeze)  For this bouquet I wanted the ribbons to be as bright as the flowers themselves. I wanted them to be a real feature not just an afterthought. A quick walk into town to my local haberdashery, C & H Fabrics in Chichester and I had the perfect colour matching ribbon collection.




Ribbons added and Hey Presto! the rainbow collection was complete. I can’t stop looking at them and taking photos. I LOVE THEM! I’m super pleased with how its turned out. I can’t thank Vicki enough for giving me the opportunity and inspiration to create something so vibrant and bold!

I’m really looking forward to seeing the images Vicki creates using my rainbow paper flower collection and seeing the work of the other great suppliers involved in this non bridal, bridal photo shoot this month. I can’t wait to share the images with you. Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook for updates.


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or send me a message. Do you have a suggestion for a collection you would love to see me create next? Would you go this bold with your wedding flowers?
Are you already married and you had real flowers that didn’t last, how about having them recreated for a lasting keepsake?
If you would like to see more examples of my work take a look at the gallery on my website.

Or get in touch if you would like me to create lasting flowers for you or your special occasion.

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