Colourful Paper Wedding Flowers

Colourful Paper Wedding Flower Collection- Handmade by Petal & Bird

paper wedding flowers by Petal and Bird

Creating the Colourful Paper Wedding Flowers

I first met Isha, the bride to be, back in January when she came over to my home studio in Chichester, West Sussex for her wedding flower consultation.

We chatted about her exciting plans for her wedding and her ideas for colourful wedding flowers which made use of different shades of blue.

Paper Wedding Flowers by Petal and Bird

I just love hearing about couples wedding plans and getting a feel for how they want to celebrate their special day.

Isha told me about her favourite flowers and her sister, who was her bridesmaid, mentioned her favourite flowers were parrot tulips. And when the bride told me she was having a blue dip dyed dress from Lucy Can’t Dance I just knew I wanted to be involved in this wedding and the excitement began!

During the consultation Isha held different styles of bouquets to get a feel for the size and shaping she liked best while I took lots of notes.

Paper Buttonholes

paper love in a mist by petal and bird

The buttonhole were going to be all blue flowers focusing on the colour theme for the wedding. For these I created paper love-in-a-mist and roses using different shades of blue paper and a stem of paper eucalyptus.

The buttonholes were completed with blue ribbon to wrap the stems and pearl ended pins for fixing to the groom-men’s suits.

The Flowers

The rest of the colourful paper wedding flowers were going to be made in the bride’s chosen colours and to include the bride’s choice of peonies, roses, lisianthus style flowers, sunflowers, parrot tulips and love-in-a-mist. They were accompanied with two different types of paper eucalyptus.

paper peonies by petal and bird

The Bouquet

Brides paper wedding bouquet

Once I had created all the colourful paper wedding flowers I began arranging them in the style we had discussed in our consultation. The foliage forming spray effects at the sides and slightly trailing flowers to give a less formal feel. The bridesmaid bouquet to be a mini version on the bride’s.

close up of paper wedding bouquet
Close up of the complete paper bouquet

The Complete Collection

Colourful Paper Wedding Flowers by Petal and Bird
Just the ribbons to add then the collection will be complete.

The colourful paper wedding flowers consisted of one Brides Bouquet, a single bridesmaid’s bouquet and four buttonholes. Single stems flowers were created for their table setting and two flowers for the bride’s hair.

In Action

The wedding took place on a sunny July day at the stunning Southend Barns. On the day the lovely Charlotte from Polka Dot Hair and Make Up styled the bride beautifully.
(It was so lovely to hear that Charlotte was involved too, she did my hair and makeup at my own wedding)

Charlotte placed the paper flowers into Isha’s lovely updo and kindly took some pictures of them in action.

paper hair flowers made from paper
Beautiful hair styled by Charlotte at Polka Dot Hair and Make Up

I am really looking forward to seeing more photos from this lovely colourful wedding and I wish the couple many years of happiness together.

If you would like to book a flower consultation please do get in touch and lets start planning your forever flowers.
To see more of my paper wedding flowers in action take a look here.

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